We have many talented Celebrity Impersonators to choose from. Impersonators can do some or all of the following:

  • Mix & Mingle at your event
  • Pose for photos
  • Performance with live singing or lip syncing
  • Comedy
Please note we have 100’s of costumes and entertainers and you may not receive the actual person in the
p}hoto. This is just a few ideas of what we have to offer.

If you don’t see it on this list, let us know as we are always adding new characters.  

3 stooges
Angelina Jolie 
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Audrey Hepburn
Austin Powers Fembot

Barack Obama
Barbara Streisand
Bette Midler
Betty Boop 
 Billy Idol
Blues Brothers
Bob Hope
Britney Spears 
Bruce Springsteen
Buddy Holly 
Burger King 
Carmen Miranda
Charlie Chaplin  
David Letterman  
Dean Martin 
Diana Ross
Doc Brown  
Dolly Parton 
Donald Trump 
BDr. Evil 
Elizabeth Taylor
Elton John  
Frank Sinatra 
Garth Brooks
Groucho Marx 
Howard Stern 
Humphrey Bogart
Jack Nicholson
Janis Joplin   
Captain Jack Sparrow  
Jennifer Lopez 
Joan Rivers
Bon Jovi
John Travolta   
John Wayne  
Johnny Depp 
Lady Gaga
Larry the Cable Guy  
Laurel & Hardy  
Little Richard 
Liza Minnelli
Mae West  
Marilyn Monroe
Michael Jackson
Monica Lewinsky
Paris Hilton  
Napoleon Dynamite/Pedro
Neil Diamond
Ozzy Osbourne
Patsy Cline
Richard Simmons 
Sarah Palin
John McCain
Sonny & Cher
Stevie Nicks  
Steven Tyler
Tina Turner
John McCain
Tom Cruise
Tom Jones
WC Fields  
Uncle Fester
More Costume Choices:
Abbott & Costello Alan Jackson Albert Einstein
Alice Cooper Andrew Sisters Ann Margaret
Anna Nicole Smith Aretha Franklin Barry Manilow
Bela Lugosi Billy Crystal Bob Dylan
Borat Brad Pitt Brett Michaels
Bruno Captain Kirk Carol Channing
Charo cleopatra Clint Eastwood
Columbo Crocodile Dundee Crocodile Hunter
Cyndi Lauper Donna Summers Dr. Phil
Ed Sullivan Engelbert Humperdinck Fat Bastard
George Burns George Clooney Gillians Island
Greg Brady Gwen STefani Hank Williams
Harpo Marx Harrison Ford James Bond
Jay Leno Jeff Spicoli Jim Carey
Jimmy Buffet Joan Crawford John Denver
Johnny Carson Johnny Cash Judy Garland
Julia Childs Julia Roberts Kenny Rogers
Kramer Lauren Bacall Liberace
Marty McFly Mary Catherine Gallagher Matt Foley
Mick Jagger Pam Anderson Paula Abdul
Pee Wee Herman Politicians Presidents
Ricky Martin Robin Williams Rocky Horror
Rod Stewart Rosanne Barr Roy Orbison
Russell Crow Simon Cowel Spice Girls
Steven Spielberg The Joker Toby Keith
Tom Petty Willie Nelson Xena
Plus many more